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July 25, 2014

The Journey of American Literature: Search for America's Identity

The journey of American Literature is an important contribution to find America's identity. The journey takes the reader back to when colonists came to the new world searching for their own opportunities. To frame America's identity, Americans have to understand the distinctiveness of their experiences, knowledge and skills, but moreover to express those to the world, so they may be recognized and esteemed as unique. American literature has its own way to impress people, and that uniqueness bases on the consequences of American history connected with its beginning moment. The inspiration that the writers' needs were mainly assembled by the influences of the environment around him or her, and through these events of history and world around the writers showed the power how the geography and history of America have created an effect on American literature.

The Colonial era was based upon the colonists' way of life. The colonists were sensible, extremely dedicated, and persuaded of the appropriateness of their points. One of their points was the Bible which was the base upon which their literatures were created. The principle colonist's manner was a basic strong, plain, and rational. The colonies' literature also showed readers that their literatures were guided to the edification and direction of the colonists themselves, a plan to lead them in the paths of the godly. They had belief in the paths of the godly that God was the donor of all privileges and liberties. American literature reacted to the ideals of "the Enlightenment era, the great awakening, imperials politic and pursuing happiness" (Baym 159-65). These ideals forced the colonists to fight for their rights and freedoms, and they were ready for the Revolution to fight...