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Aleksandra Plastunova

Essay #2

Nowadays there are a lot of people that truly enjoy classical music; art and modern entertainment. To answer this question I believe I have to start talking about pre-Industrial revolution. In this period of Pre Industrial revolution people were divided into essential two classes that were upper and lower classes of people. However upper class was way smaller comparing with the lower class of people. Most of the people and truly saying tons and tons of people were in the buckets of lower class. Each of the classes of the society had different stuff to do for the entertainment. The upper class had more money to spend on entertainment and could afford commissioned music, paintings, books etc. That was called elite culture. The lower class were just working hard, telling stories to each other and occasionally were getting together to sing and dance which is more likely to be folk songs.

That was known as entertainment for low class of people. That is where the distinction between lower and higher classes takes place. Higher class of people could afford attending the universities, could develop themselves with education and progressing in everything. In the same time poorer class of people were just regular workers. And definitely richer people did way more for entertainment in comparison with lower class. Of course the elite culture was considered superior.

The industrial revolution certainly did change many aspects of the society. The new factories did not open new jobs for the lower class but also altered the living locations of the lower class. When you used to work on the fields usually it was work schedule from sunrise to sun down. And when the factories jobs took place lower class of people had more free time during the day.