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Hot Keys-*- Start new paragraph*My name is Jeff and I have been stranded out in the middle of nowhere for three days. I am out of food, almost out of water and about to freeze. You're probably wondering how I got here and why. Well, I'll start from the beginning.

*It all started on Friday. My friends and I were packing out bags to go up the river where our relatives were. Well, the original plan was to drive up there. It wasn't that far, so I decided to walk. The rest drove, telling me how dumb I was; they were going to meet me half way.

*About three hours through my planned eight-hour trip, I wasn't the cold; actually, I felt fine. I decided to sit down and take a rest, thinking that it would be better now rather then later. I wasn't really thinking when I decided to eat...

I wasn't even hungry. I just did it because I was bored; what did I expect? After that, I decided to get up and start walking again. It wasn't that bad. After all, I had only been there going on four hours. It was about ten-after-two and zero degrees. Something I knew but wasn't thinking about was that this was the "hottest" time of the day.

*As I walked on, I thought it was about time I should get there. It's going on six-o-clock and no sign of the guys. That's when I stopped. I reached into my pocket and grabbed my compass. I was broken. A tiny hole in the top has caused all the water to freeze inside. I had been using a frozen compass that said I was going west, but who knew what way I was really going. Scared, I began to panic, thinking of the worst, not knowing what to do.

* I decided to start a fire, warm up, and rest for the night. It was now about nine-o-clock at night. I ate more then I thought I did when I stopped at the beginning. I shouldn't have stopped. I regret that now.

*The next morning, I decided to skip breakfast and start walking, Using the sun as my compass. I knew I was in trouble because even if I was going the right direction, who knew if there was anything for a hundred miles.

*Now that you know how I got here, I wish you could help me. Just tell me how to get out of here. But you can't because this is just a stupid writing in this damn book that I packed with me. It's about fifty below and I know now that it's over. Lost out here isn't fun; knowing that you're going to die soon isn't any better.

*I'm going to take the rope out from my bag and tie it to a tree. This is the only way out. I'm so cold; I can't stand it any longer. my lighter won't spark any more. I just want you all to know I tried.