"Jeremy Visick" by David Wiseman.

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Title of Book: Jeremy Visick.

Author: David Wiseman.

Publishers: Houghton Mifflin Company Boston 1981.

Number of pages: 170.

Setting: in 1984 somewhere in a little town near a graveyard.

Characters, 5 main and 1 minor character:

Main characters:

1.Mathew: the main character a, a 12-year-old kid that lived with her sister Janet, his mother Susan and his father Robert.

2.Mary: Mathew's girlfriend, and good student girl.

3.Susan: Mathew's mother, she seemed to be a good mother and responsible.

4.Robert: Mathew's father, a guy nearly 40 years old and responsible.

5.Jeremy: the other 12-year-old kid that had died inside a mine.

Minor character:

1.George: Mathew's history teacher.

Plot Summarize:

1.Mathew had history homework; it was about going to the graveyard and copy the inscriptions of a tombstone of a family called Williams.

2. Mathew's mom send him to get some oranges from the trees near the graveyard, and he decided to go and take a look to some of the inscriptions, but he saw something special in one oh the tombstones.

3.he started to act strange after he saw that tombstone that caught he's attention before, and everybody started to notice that.

4.One night he went outside at midnight and went to the graveyard and he fall sleep there, but his mom went to look for him and brought him back home.

5. He got in a fight at School and had been send home.

6. Mathew's mother was worried because Mathew once again was gone, and he was found in the graveyard.

7. He started to get interested in a mine that's because the tombstone was dedicated to a family that died in a mine 100 years ago.

8. He got out at midnight and was found in a mine, Mathew...