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Jesus Jesus Christ was a very remarkable man; he did outstanding works that cannot be explained. Jesus did so much for the human race no one could ever really thank him enough. Jesus Christ effected the Roman Empire a lot from birth to death and he also founded a religion. Jesus was not Roman but he lived during the Roman period of time. Jesus Christ had followers to follow him and they were a big part in his founding of his religion and people starting to see who Jesus really was. I am going to let you know about Jesus and what all he did in his time during the Roman period.

Jesus was born to the Virgin Mary and Joseph the Carpenter of Bethlehem. As mentioned before Mary, his mother, was a virgin. An angel had appeared to Mary and told her She was bearing God's son named Jesus.

Jesus was born in a stable in a manger, because there was no room at the inn Mary and Joseph were staying in. Shepherds and wise men alike traveled for that December 25th to see the newborn lord, not much information was kept on Jesus early childhood. About the Age of 12 though people began to realize that Jesus was more than a local Carpenter's son was.(Brandon 67-69, Who is Jesus) Jesus grew up and began to tell his word. He began trying to witness to others and pull them towards Christ. He had twevel disciples that travelled with him spreading God's word. Jesus used many of his mother's stories to help people understand the Ten Commandments and the way of life they should live for god. There shall not have no other God's before me and You shall not make for yourself an idol, are the first two commandments...