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During the Religion 25 course we have gone over many different themes and subjects. We have learnt how different religions work, and how they function different to we may worship our religion. But even though these all question us, no subject raises quite a question as Jesus does. We have to ask ourselves who he was, and why he was this? This creates a very difficult and personal question, "Who is Jesus the Christ?" While viewing the bible, we leant and saw the life and teachings of Jesus. We learnt to know him as a friend, and were able to take his teachings and miracles into our everyday lives. Even though Jesus was a man of powers like many of us wish we could be, he lived a hard and crazy life like we all do. And in many cases, worse than we do. God had made Jesus for the human kind, so that we may learn and follow one of our own kind, but Jesus wasn't always treated like a Son of God.

Many hated the idea that he was considered a King among some, and that his ideas and word jeopardized what they believed and loved. Take the high priests and their temple. They believed that their way of following God and his word was perfect and free of sin. But Jesus told them that they were to sinners and that their temple was not a place of God. This was a huge conflict of in the life of Jesus, as we have many major troubles in our every day lives. Jesus was also a voice for the poor and needy, he spoke to them, and taught them the word of God. He healed them, and fed them, and helped them to achieve tasks. Jesus was always...