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Essay by vinni119 October 2004

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I felt a very positive impression of who Jesus was after

finishing the Book of Matthew. I had a new image of someone who

was a down-to-earth, caring individual. I did not find quotes of

Jesus that claimed being superior to the common man, of whom

sinners could not look upon (a view that most people had of their

Gods for centuries before). Matthew 12:49-50, Jesus announces to

multitudes that they are his mother and brothers. In that way,

he puts himself at an equal level to the people, rather than

claiming to be a God above them. This reflects the whole

attitude of the book.

Chapters 6-7 of Matthew quote Jesus as he is presenting

rules to live by to the multitudes. To me, all of these sounded

like hints to leading a happy life for yourself. Jesus reflects

a God that does not expect virgins or animals to be sacrificed in

His name; but, a God that is pleased by followers that love not

only God, but each other also.

These seem like simple, logical

rules to live by. But, they reflected a time in history where

that kind of love for one another was hard to find because of the

hardships inflicted upon the people.

I find some conflict in Jesus' actions, however. Jesus

never (as far as I know) says to ignore to commandments of God in

the Hebrew Scriptures; however, constantly breaks the Sabbath

(Matt 12:13 and others), and gives VERY flimsy and unconvincing

explanations for it. I am not sure what his message was in those

actions. Perhaps he didn't care?

In general, Matthew was a good, entertaining story to read,

with a very dramatic ending, and great character development (a

little sarcastic humor here)!

I was very surprised to find much of...