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Axia CollegeAugust 16, 2009Jesus Christ versus Prophet MohammadIn times of living today, one can only do research and find facts of the lives of two prominent religious individuals in the past, and make comparison as to how those past living affects each individuals today, bringing each to a foundation of a chosen religious status. In all likelihood, all have become familiar with the Christian Christmas story of Jesus birth and how he was conceived. Gabriel who was an arch Angel was the messenger sent to The Virgin Mary, telling her she would be with child through an immaculate conception. As all may have understood, such message did came to pass and indeed Jesus was born in Bethlehem in (4 BCE-30CE) found lying in a manger with his pronounced father Joseph and mother Mary then. The question to this scenario is this, how could someone seem to be born so low directly on earth, yet become so great and has influenced many lives since his birth? Many things were foretold, and signs of wonders were witnessed commencing and recognizing the wonderful gift and good attributes of this person who come on earth in such magnificent form, yet powerful and simple in the same setting.

Jesus was a wise man. He became a carpenter and a teacher for others, making an example of himself how one should live and be righteous. Many in his time believe and became his followers as his teachings were in accordance to God the father who sent him on earth. All his faithful teachings were made into documentations by his disciples, and then later compiled mainly in the books of the New Testament of all the wondrous events that took place during his time on earth. All Jesus earthly miracles were strong proof that he was the...