Jesus and Mohammed

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Jesus and Mohammed

Hum. 130 Religions of the World

Philip D. Voss

In the following paragraphs, I will attempt to compare and contrast the lives of Jesus and Mohammed. Although there are many differences, there are many similarities as well. From all the research I have done on the two individuals, the one thing that stands out is that Mohammed was a messenger of God and Jesus was the Son of God. I will start out with the life of Mohammed.

Muhammad was born the son of Abdullah, of the tribe of Quraysh. He was born in Arabia around 570 C.E. and he died at the age of 63. As a young boy, he traveled with his uncle to Syria and many years later he made the same journey with a wealthy widow named Khadijah. This widow was so impressed with Muhammad's behavior and faithfulness that she married him. She was fifteen years older than he was but it proved to be a very happy marriage.

They were married twenty-six years and after her death, he always talked about her with the greatest love and respect to his new wives. Because of this marriage, he was given rank among the notables of Makkah, and earned the surname Al-Amin, the "trustworthy." The Makkans claimed descent from Abraham through Ismail and tradition stated that their temple, the Ka'bah, had been built by Abraham for the worship of the One God. There seemed to be many idols in the temple which at this time was still called the House of Allah. The few who felt disgust with this idolatry, longed for the religion of Abraham and tried to find out it's original teachings. Muhammad , son of Abdullah became one of these non-conformists seeking truth by the light of his inner consciousness.(IslamOnline.