"Jesus Christ Superstar", movie review separted in 5 parts.

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1. The interpretation of Jesus in the movie is more or less of what he is shown as in the Bible: he was a good man whose mission was to preach the good word of God and to die in order to save the people of mankind. However I felt that there was one major difference in the interpretations of Jesus' personality. Jesus was portrayed in the movie as a person with more human feelings and reactions. In the movie, he expressed more anger to the people and frustration with God than what was shown in the bible. "But you have made it into a house of thieves! Get out! Get out!!...Heal yourselves!" (The Temple) I almost fully agree with the interpretation of who Jesus was in the movie, except for the fact that had a temper. For example, when Jesus was in the temple, he became extremely angry at the money lenders, merchants, and the crowd.

I do not think that the real Jesus would not have been that "violent" because I believe that Jesus was a man of peace and even though he felt upset, he would not have shown it. Furthermore, I do not believe that Jesus would have yelled to the lepers "Heal yourselves". I believe that how tired or angry Jesus felt, he would have helped the people in need. After all, he made the ultimate sacrifice and died for us.

2.The scene that I have chosen as the best is the crucifixion of Jesus. This shows Jesus' final and most important part of his mission, to die for humanity. "Father into your hands I commend my spirit" (The Crucifixion) The interpretation of the movie is almost exactly what was said to have happened in the bible. Both show that Jesus suffered excruciating...