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The idea of both religions is that there is only one God, and both religions believed that this one God was the creator of the world, and would be the one to judgemankind upon their death. Another aspect of each of these religions that is very similar is that each religion has a book to follow. They each have their own book written bydisciples of their respective religion. The Islamic religion has the Qur’an, and the Christian religion has the Bible. Mohammed claimed only to be a prophet. Islam’s way to salvation is through doing good deeds. Jesus was publicly crucified, where Mohammed died of an illness. Despite the fact that there are many similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity, both religions are significant in today's society.

Jesus claimed to be the Messiah. Mary was believed to be a virgin. It is believed that she had become pregnant by Immaculate Conception, and gave birth to the baby Jesus.

This happened when Mary and Joseph had arrived in Bethlehem. This was the fulfillment of one of the prophecies of the Savior of Israel coming from Bethlehem. Jesus' first act was to be baptized by John the Baptist. This was the beginning of Jesus' ministry. Jesusperformed miracles from the Old Testament which had been written before his birth. He died and was resurrected after three days of his burial. Then he was ascended to heaven. Some of Jesus’ miracles included turning water to wine, walking on water, cursing a fig tree, and healing the sick (Religion Ten Commandments, was delivered by Moses, and are the laws of god. For prayer, Christians can pray alone and be informal. This is the same as for the Islamic religion. However, congregational prayer for Christians is much less rigorous and strict, This can...