Jet Blue Management Portfolio

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Management Portfolio of JetBlue Airways

Maximilian Wiener

Texas A&M University - Central Texas

Management Portfolio of JetBlue Airways

Career and Company Analysis

For the longest time its been my dream to become a commercial pilot. Commercial pilots are given the opportunity to travel all over the world while transporting passengers on a commercial airline. I finally started to work towards my dream in the spring of 2011 when I moved to Killeen, Texas by enrolling in the flight training program with Central Texas College. Most people think that it does not make a difference as to what commercial airline pilots fly for, because all commercial airplanes are the same. However, there are big differences in pay, time off, living conditions, corporate climate, major airlines, and the legacy airlines.

In order to understand what commercial airline I would apply for, I had to determine which environment I would like to work in and which company would provide the most benefits.

Through extensive research I came to the conclusion that JetBlue Airways would the best choice. According to Business Insider (2013), JetBlue Airways was listed as one of "the 50 Best Companies To Work For in 2013". How did the airline manage do make the list? Clearly, Business Insider does not just draw company names out of a hat. No, the companies on such rankings have earned their place.

JetBlue Airways is a well-rounded company with an amazing atmosphere throughout. Their work environment is one of the best in the nation. The CEO, David Barger, is fully aware of their success and wants to sustain it by continually fostering a good work environment. Mr. Barger knows that the more satisfied the employees are, the better their performance will...