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Jews The Jews are unstable because they are always the ones to take the blame. They are as you could say, scapegoats. They have never really been able to live a normal life because we and other people have made their life difficult and they have even had to change religion because people have teased them and made stereotypes about them. It is like Shylock in the play "The Merchant of Venice." He had to give up everything that he had and he had to either die or change his religion to Christianity. It is things like that, that makes the Jews unstable. The instability of the Jews goes back a long way. It goes back to the time of when the Jews were enslaved in Egypt. It was about 600 years when Moses comes to free them. Maybe one of the biggest events that contributed to the Jews being unstable would be the Holocaust.

It was when Hitler had killed over 6 million Jews in concentration camps. That cause the surviving Jews to be physically, mentally, and emotionally unstable. The bad thing about all of this is it still happens today. We tend to want to stereotype other people for how they act or look then we think that all of those people are the same way and we need to try and change.