How The Jews Were Discriminated In Nazi Germany

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(Course Work) 27/11/00 There were many reasons in which the Jews were discriminated against in Nazi Germany like the boycotting of all Jewish owned shops, The Nuremberg Law and "The night of the broken glass".

This treatment came about in different stages. The first was when Hitler and the Nazis came to power in 1933. The SA immediately began to attack the Jews and they organised a boycott towards them. They boycotted all Jewish owned shops, cafes and businesses. Hitler then ordered the sacking from government anyone of non-"Aryan" descent. During the summer of 1933, placards appeared outside places of public use saying "Jews not wanted" or "Jews forbidden". Also in 1933, Nazi authorities sacked all Jewish teachers. In 1935, the Nuremberg Law was passed and it banned all of the Jews most basic rights. In 1938, A Jew shot dead a senior Nazi official in retaliation to what the Nazis have been doing.

This enraged the SA and they carried out a night of terror called the "The night of the broken glass". This involved Jewish owned shops to have their windows smashed and their contents stolen. About 20,000 Jews were sent to Nazi concentration camps. Over the next few days, Jews had to pay a fine of 1 billion marks and the Jews had to clean up the mess that was made. After this, the SA painted the Star of David and the word Jude on Jewish owned shops and cafes etc.

As the years moved on, the discrimination towards the Jews worsened. Now, discrimination in schools was taught by Nazi teachers, as this source shows. "The Nazis taught kids to believe in Nazi ways by the following teachings.1) The Jewish race is much inferior to the Negro race.2) All Jews have crooked legs, fat bellies, curly hair and look untrustworthy.3) The Jews were responsible for the First World War.4) They are to blame for the armistice of 1918 and the Versailles Treaty.5) They caused the inflation.6) They brought about the downfall of the Roman Empire.7) Marx is a great criminal.8) All Jews are Communists.9) They are the rulers of Russia." Also the government Ministry of Education controlled school textbooks and teaching materials. The government was thus able to put anti-Semitic material into every classroom in Germany.

All of the above shows the discriminating actions of the Nazi Party and the government, from "The Night Of The Broken Glass" to the teaching of German children.

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