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J.F.K. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the youngest person to be ever be elected President, and was youngest to die in office. He was shot and killed on Nov. 22, 1963, after he had serve in office only two years and 10 months as chief executive. The whole world mourned Kennedy's death and Former presidents and royalty walk behind his casket at his funeral. His Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson took his place then they succeeded him as President.

The Kennedy Assassination A deadly assassin shot President John F. Kennedy to death when he rode through the streets of Dallas, Tex. The death continued the very unhappy coincidence that, since William H. Harrison, what is weird that every American President to be elected in a year ending in "0" had died or been killed while in office.

The purpose When Kennedy Came to Texas He was Accompanied by his wife and Vice President and Mrs.

Lyndon B. Johnson his main objective was to heal a split in Texas Democratic before the Election came up in 1964 were he was go to run a second term but he never got to.

The plans The plan for the day was that the President, Mrs. Kennedy, Johnson, and others to ride in a motorcade and ride through the street of Dallas, to the trade mart we he was to speak at. Then they rode down the street in a open limousine and behind them was a limousine full of secret service men cause Dallas had reputation as a center for people that opposed the President.

The Shooting About 12:30 the cars pass the Texas book Depository and when they pass three shots ranged out through the streets and the president was shot in the head and the neck the President wife held her husband head while the car race to the hospital the man said to have shot The president is Lee Harvey Oswald He was arrested in a Theatre then was Question about the murder and he denied and it then two days later he was to be sent to the county jail a man name jack ruby step out and shot Oswald and he die 48 hours after the Presidents death.