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Integrated Bespoke Solutions - Delivered

A case illustration

Project Overview: The client wanted an in-depth company profile of a competitor chemical based in China

Client: World's leading chemical company

Axience Offerings:

Prepared a company profile detailing various aspects of the company along with performance analysis and future growth strategy outlook and challenges.

Major segments included:

Industry Opinion

Company Profile


Management Profiles

Product Portfolio

Research & Development - Product Innovation

Manufacturing Capability

Financial Performance

Operational Performance

Future Outlook: Growth Strategy and Challenges


The scope of this study was to profile the competitor company and studying it's product portfolio in detail with the future outlook of the company

Research Methodology:

Axience used a mix of secondary and primary research for generating market data

Documents provided by the company, industry reports and key news magazines were used to gather data and information

An outline was prepared by the Axience team for interviewing people associated with the industry

Project Challenges:

Language barriers

Lack of market information

Axience Business Research Offerings

Axience provides information collection, research and analysis services to global clients.

Information is sourced by employing three different research methodologies - secondary, primary and survey-based research.

Product Analysis

Competition Analysis

Market Analysis


Cost/Pricing analysis

Potential client/customer identification

Key product entry

Brand/product perception analysis

Competition benchmarking

Peer group profiling

Brand/product perception analysis

Market trends

Industry analysis

Opportunity assessment

Regulatory environment

Country intelligence

Global trade & investments

Bespoke reports

Data analytics

Target mapping

Gap analysis

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