Jill Thompson: Female Comic Artist

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It is very challenging to get a job as a comic book artist,

especially if you are female. This didn't stop Jill Thompson, who had

to struggle a bit until she made her mark. She made her mark on the

comic book industry when she took over one of DC Comics' more

prominent titles Wonder Woman.

Jill Thompson, who was born and raised in Chicago, became a

comic artist at a rather early age. She had just entered her twenties,

and she also had little formal art training. Once she entered the

industry, the first comic she worked on was Wonder Woman, but the

work didn't stop there for Mrs. Thompson. She quickly took over and

became the main artist for that comic. After she finished her work

there she got a job as the main colors and inks person on the

DC/Vertigo joint comic Sandman.

Sandman is one of the better comic titles to come out of DC.


was written in the later 80s, first issue May 88, and continued far on

into the 90s. It did so while remaining an amazing success. Although

the comic became banded in some places due to its use of images

and stroy lines that were never before seen in a mainstream comic, it

was able to retain many fans. Jill Thompson was wise enough to

know that to truly appreciate what Sandman is you have to

understand that not everything in this world comes in black and white

and that there are many kinds of diversity that people must accept

other than simply, racial diversity.

After Jill finished her work on the Sandman comic, she had a

bit of trouble finding work. Luckily, with her cheerful attitude and

amazing optimism, she was somehow able to survive while only doing...