Jilting Grandmother Weatherall

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2/09/02 Weekly Response Paper The Jilting Grammy Weatherall by Katherine Anne Porter This story is of an eighty years old woman who is about to die. Lying on her deathbed, she is transported back and forth from reality to past moments that defined her life. Meanwhile, her relatives are at her side helping her to cope with her final hours.

The story is plotted around a situation that she was unable to forgive. While she was young, an ex-lover jilted her and even though she later married another man and founded a wonderful family, that event haunted her through her life until her very last moment. This event was so decisive in her life that it shaped part of her personality, keeping every one, including her children at a distance. Although in the presence of a priest and searching her faith in God she still was not able to let go of her horrible experience.

Although the story had vivid descriptions of the scenario and some episodes of humor, it never fully captivated me. It moved at a slow pace and the dialogue between the characters were confusing since they were not on the same time line and didn't seem to relate one to another. The story develops at the moment of her death yet the strong emotion that comes with this subject was not revealed with the protagonist. As the old woman narrates from a delusional state, the description of the characters translates vaguely and the plot never seemed to be going anywhere. In conclusion, the story failed to reach a peak making it flat and boring.