The Jilting Of Granny Weatherall

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Ron Patel English III AP- VII February 4, 2002 As Death Approaches As death inevitably lurks over the horizon in Granny Weatherall?s mind, Katherine Anne Porter utilizes certain stylistic elements to amplify Granny?s cynical and sometimes regretful tone. These stylistic elements range from an array of buried diction, details, and other personal conceits of Granny Weatherall. As the story progresses, the facts and thoughts join in unison to further enlighten the audience to the true attitudes of the main character.

Beneath Granny?s stream of consciousness, there lies simple yet illuminating diction that reveals the character?s ever-changing tones. To uncover the cynical attitude that boils inside Weatherall, the author employs such uncouth remarks like the word ?brat? to represent the caregiver, Doctor Harry. Granny continues her defiance by stating that Doctor Harry should ?leave a well woman alone? because ?I don?t throw my money away on nonsense.? It seems that Weatherall misunderstands the practitioner?s good intentions and instead her cynicism infers that Doctor Harry has some ulterior motive to disrespect her seniority.

The remaining conversation about money only adds to the bonfire of her pessimism and uncovers the extent of Granny?s distrust of her own family?s intent, especially Cornelia?s. Once inside Weatherall?s consciousness, Porter shifts hers diction into subtle gear to unmask Granny?s regretful tone. For example, the author writes ?for sixty years she had prayed against remembering him and against losing her soul in the deep pit of hell?? so ?don?t let your wounded vanity get the upper hand of you? because ??plenty of girls get jilted.? By employing such impressionable diction such as ?the deep pit of hell?, Porter almost creates a connotation minefield around Granny?s thoughts. Initially, these words are a verbal representation of the regret brought on by the jilting, but eventually Porter reveals another sorrow. In...