Jim crow

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Jim Crow

Jim Crow is a known law system that segregated African-American people from whites which came to the light after Reconstruction ended in 1877 and remained until the mid-1960s, Jim Crow encouraged discrimination in the United State, particularly in the south; originally name was taken from a popular minstrel shows which were performed by Thomas Dartmouth Rice with darkened face, he imitated the singing and dancing of African-Americans with an exaggerated stereotypical of black character. Rice's shows assisted in propagation of discrimination thoughts, the white population with all these stereotypes about African-Americans from Rice's shows believed that blacks are unworthy for integration, as result many blacks were lynched, and were victims to any kind of discrimination, but by the end of 19th century "Jim Crow "was being used to describe laws and customs of the black people.

Jim Crow pictured the legitimization of anti-black racism; African-Americans were degraded to the second class in the community after they have being given the same legal rights as whites under the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments of the Constitution; for instance many signs as "only white" or "colored" were placed everywhere and in everything such as restrooms, restaurants, public transport and facilities.

According to Ferris State University article some places there were no black facilities; African-Americans were excluded from juries, jobs, and their constitutional right to vote. Movie theaters as well were separated; orchestra sections were reserved for whites and balconies for black people.

The first Jim Crow legislation came from the transportation industry, in 1881 Tennessee legislated a law enforcing segregation in railway cars, later Louisiana passed "Separate Car Law" separated black and white people from using the railroads jointly, in 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson case ended up in the U.S. Supreme since Homer Plessy violated "Separated Car Law" through seating...