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Jim Henson I was able to make many children happy during my lifetime. I had an interesting but short life and I would like to tell you about it.

I was born in Stoneville, Mississippi on September 24, 1926. I only had one brother whose name is Paul Jr. I lived with my parents, my grandmother, and my brother. We were a middle lass family.

At an early age I loved to draw. I was anxious to go to school like my brother did. I loved drawing birds when I looked outside in my front yard at the creek. My mother loved my drawings and was impressed with them. I also wanted to be on television. At Cub Scouts I made my first puppet show. I had a wonderful time doing it. I didn't realize that the puppet show at Cub Scouts would make my future.

At sixteen I got a job at WTOP studios.

It was the start of my television career. In May of 1955 I had the start of my own televised puppet show. The show lasted for 6 years.

During my life I met good friends named Gordon, Royal, Kermit, and Tom. I named my puppets after most of my friends. The stories that I told on television were events that happened in my life.

In 1969 I developed Sesame Street. I was able to hire many people to help me and we created many characters. The show was a lot of work but fun for everyone.

In 1990 I developed pneumonia. I was very sick and unable to work. I am a Christian Science believer and I don't believe in medicine from doctors. I should have gone to the hospital sooner but when I decided to go it was too late. I died on May 16, 1990.

I am proud of all that I have done. My hope has always been to leave the world a little better then I started. It's a wonderful life and I love it.