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June 6, 2014

Miss Clymer

English 2

Jim Jones: Rapper or Killer

He grew up wanting to conquer ministry and had a appealing, political, persuasive, and manipulating personality. Jim Jones had a vision to form a group called "People's Temple" to create an equal society free of problems from class and race. He wanted children to grow up without racial halts. In process of forming his group he attracted people with sermons on tolerance, social responsibility, and community. He tried to manipulate his followers in to thinking that he loved them, and he would give them happiness and never let them down. Jones convinced members after many sermons to move to Guyana and build a new home full of happiness. Somewhere, where they didn't have to worry about racial situations, love and could just live in peace. He told the people of the group that he would give them food, shelter, and clothing and all they had to do is work for them, and listen to him.

He began to be an influence on the group; by making them call him father, and forget their families back home, and give up their praise to him and him only.

Who was the real Jim Jones? Jim Jones is remembered as a leader, pastor, Mass Manipulator, and even murderer. Born in Crete, Indiana on May 13, 1931 James Warren Jones (also known as Jim Jones) was the son of James Thurman Jones, and Lynetta Putman Jones. Often left by himself he was taken to church by his neighbor. At the age of ten he took his religious beliefs and taught it to his neighborhood friends. Throughout high school he didn't take place in things that seemed in sin like dancing and drinking. Not long before he moved to Richmond Indiana...