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JIMI HENDRIX (JAMES MARSHAL HENDRIX) NOV. 27, 1942 ? SEPT. 18, 1970 ? The most influential guitarist that ever lived.? Is a very popular title for Jimi Hendrex. Jimi lived an amazing life, he may not of live a long life but in that short time he managed to received an amazing title. He was known to be a hero to many, and his music was so influential and impressive that he played with many amazing people before really being recognized. He really developed an amazing title after only a few years. He was also well known for the way he played his guitar, which was a right-handed guitar upside down and with his left hand.

James Marshal Hendrix, a.k.a. Jimi Hendrix was born Noember 27, 1942, Seattle, Washington, USA. Jimi spent much of his younger child hood years living with his grandmother in Canada. He received his very first electric guitar when he was 12 this pretty much shaped the rest of his life.

He developed his interest in music when he was 15, around the same time his mother died. He had taught him self to play the guitar, being influenced by old blues artists such as, B.B. King and Robert Johnson. When Jimi was 16 he was thrown out of school. The reason for which was believed to be for him holding the hand of a white girl in class. He played in teenage bands before he had voluntarily joined the army at 17. Jimi served as a parachute jumper until he had suffered an injury and was discharged.

After this happened jimi began his music career. For about four years he played back round guitar for numorouse bands such as, Little Ritchard, Ike and Tina Turner, Wilson Pickett, and many more while he toured the states.