A Jimmy Neutron tale: A Dream Come True?

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Summery: Jimmy and Cindy find out a secret their parents have kept from them... something none of you will guess I think...

Chapter one:- The Suprise of a Lifetime

Disclaimer: No I do not own Jimmy Neutron but if I did we would have seen all the new episodes possible by now...but that's another story...

The last bell rang, the last bell of the last year of high school! All the kids ran out of the school to meet up with friends. Jimmy, Sheen, Carl, Libby, and Cindy all met outside the school.

"Finally! No more school!" Cindy yelled in freedom.

"Well, minus college." Carl added.

"I just can't believe we all made it and graduated." Libby said staring at Sheen.

"What?" He asked shrugging. "Me smart. Or as the french say me blue blah blah apell."

"And it's wonder why the french teacher kicked him out." Libby whispered to Cindy.

"I'm just gonna miss proving all the teachers wrong." Jimmy announced proudly.

"Yeah but you never proved me wrong- not once." Cindy bragged.

"Whatever Vortex." Cindy rolled her eyes and stuck out her tongue. Jimmy mimicked her.

"Well at least some of us have matured." Carl said acting sophisticated. They all laughed a little.

"You guys want to go to the Candy Bar and celebrate?" Libby asked

"No. Everyone else is doing that. The place will be packed." Cindy pointed out. They all nodded in agreement.

"How about we go over to my house and party in the lab?" Jimmy asked. Everyone excitedly screammed a 'yeah'. They all started walking to the lab.

At Jimmy's House

Cindy's mom and Jimmy's parents were sitting in the living room discussing their children. Mrs. Neutron brought out some tea for all of them.

"The reason I asked you to moce over was...