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Project about Costa Rica

Option 1: Create a painting that represents the concept of "pura vida"

a. Your painting must be an authentic creation that you created.

b. Include a title in Spanish for your painting

c. Write a reflection in Spanish about the concept of "pura vida". Talk about the meaning that this concept have for you and explain how the concept of "pura vida" is represented in your painting.

Option 2: "Las carretas de Costa Rica"

a. Read the legend "la carreta sin bueyes"

b. Write a new ending for the legend in Spanish

c. Construct an authentic "carreta" from Costa Rica 12 x 10 x 4 ( L x H x W)

Option 3: Food Expo

1. Look for 4 authentic Costa Ricans recipes. Two dishes and two desserts.

2. Create a PowerPoint presentation about your recipe. You need to include the following information on the PowerPoint.

a. From which country does your food come from

b. Capital city, also be prepared to show the class where your dish comes from on a map.

c. On which continent is the country that you selected located?

d. Which countries border this country

e. Include the flag of this country

f. Name and Position of political leader

g. Name of Currency

h. Exchange rate with the US Dollar

i. Top 3 people groups (ethnic groups)

j. Other than Spanish, what are other languages spoken?

k. What is the name of the dish?

l. When is the food eaten?

m. Why is this food important to the country's culture

n. What are the key ingredients for this food?

o. Briefly explain how the food is prepared

p. Bring or create with the classmates decorations related to this Hispanic

country to decorate your table.

Option 4: Biodiversity in Costa Rica:...