Joan Of Arc Bio

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Joan of Arc

"Defender of France"

Joan was born in 1412 in Domremy a small villige in northern France. As a daughter of a farmer she herded cattle and sheep. Joan never went to school so she did not learn how to read or write. Joan also was a very religious girl going to church and praying to statues. Joan started to hear vocies of St Cathrine,St Michaels,and St Margaret. Joan believed that they told her to drive the English from Orleans and out of France. At that time in Joans life England, Burgundy, and France were in a long period of conflict in the 'Hundred Year War' and France had no king at that time it only had a leader know as the Dauphin (Charles VI) and he was not king, yet because he had to be crowned at Rhiems which was held by the English. When Joan was 17 when she went to Vancoulers to explain her mission to the Dauphin and she convinced him to hand over the army to her.

Joan with a army launched an attack against the English who were sieging Orleans, Joan was wounded in the battle but the to heron. Joan later recovered from her wounds. Because of the victory, Joan became know as the Maid of Orleans. After a few more battles Joan cleared the English from the Loire valley. Joan brought Charles to his coronation on July 17, 1429. Charles decided that he wanted to end the war but Joan still wanted to get the English out of France,so Joan and her followers went on but she lost some battles. In May 1430 during the battle of Compiegne Joan was captured by the Burgundians and she was later ransomed to the English for 10,000 pounds. The English were eager to...