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As our company grows, it is becoming more and more important to hire and train individuals who have a greater understanding of what we do as a company. To address this issue, we have decided to implement new standards when it comes to hiring. This document will address how we analyze our wait staff positions, detail our new job description, and it will solidify the job specifications for the wait staff. By doing this, we will assure ourselves of a very prosperous and successful future.

Job analysis method is the process of collecting descriptive information about jobs and the employee knowledge or skills necessary to perform those jobs (Dessler, 2005). Also, it is the process of defining a job in terms of its component activities and requirements. There are multiple job analysis methods to choose from, including interviews, questionnaires, observations, participants diary logs, and quantitative job analysis techniques. For the selection process of a waiter or waitress, the best job analysis method is a combination of the interview and the observation.

The use of the interview has many advantages including the fact that it is relatively simple and quick (Dessler, 2005). By using the interview, we will be able to discover important activities that may only occur in a few situations. With the position of waiter or waitress, there are never two situations that are the same, so by gathering information through the interview process, we can add insight to the job description and narrow our focus on job specifications.

The use of the interview will also allow other employees the ability to vent a little, or shed some light on things that we may not be aware of. By gathering information in this manner, we will have actual relative guidelines to go by. The ability to have a...