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Development of sales team, post mergerIn accordance with the new strategy and emphasis for the organization as formed from the merger of InterClean and EnviroTech, I have compiled the following job analysis and selection of a new sales team. The premise for which this communication was developed is derived from the directive that future sales efforts will be to seek out and to retain customers with the focus on longer term relationships and retention. This direction for our newly expanded company suggests that the new sales force should achieve a much higher level of repeat business. Repeat business can be counted on for future growth and stability of our company. The vision of the new company has been expanded to include a more complete overall product for the customer. Cai states that " . . .companies need to promote customer orientation in their organization, in order to successfully implement customer relationship practices."

(Cai, 2009) The merger of the two companies appears to launch InterClean from its previous embryonic growth stage into a higher growth stage with EnviroTech. This strategy will require us to focus on refining and extending our product lines as well as building customer loyalty. (Cascio, 2005)An issues analysis using workforce planning, performance reviews and observation reveals that instilling a customer relationship philosophy is prudent. (Cascio, 2005) This approach has been the primary method used by EnviroTech. All their current sales personnel who are under consideration for my team have many years of experience in the development and retention of longer term customer relationships. This is not to mean that the InterClean personnel are without merit, however, it does mean that they will need to undergo further developmental training in this area. Their benefit to the business should be in the area of sharing their extensive product knowledge...