Job Analysis - Firefighters

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Student's signature (name typed here is equivalent to a signature): Andrea Manor, Cindy Delgado-Guzman, GayNell Kreykenbohm, Samantha Bagley, Yvette ShipleyJob AnalysisMany factors are taken into consideration when an individual applies for a job, both from a personal and organizational perspective.

The purpose of a job analysis involves many factors to help ensure the expectations for the job requirements and attributes needed are defined. When examining different employment opportunities an exact job analysis may be more crucial, such as in human services and that of a firefighter. Conducting a job analysis and using psychological testing the job of a firefighter and expectations for applicants become well defined. Once the testing is complete and presented in real world situations the results of the study may be applied and a decision made regarding what kind of individual is best for the position and if the job analysis was conducted effectively.

AnalysisThe job of a firefighter is not easy; it takes a special person to perform what is required. The job analysis for the position of a...