A Job or a Career?

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A Job or a Career?

What is it that separates a job from a career? A job is normally a temporary source of income for a person, while a career is normally a full-time commitment. Some of the most common jobs are in the fast food industry, and are most commonly held by students who are trying to earn money while attending high school or college, while a career is usually achieved after college. While both are classified as working for income, a career differs from a job in personal dedication, earnings, and prestige.

A job is mainly part-time, because it usually has to work around school schedules. Jobs are usually not very fun to work, and thus a person does not work as hard as he can sometimes if he does not enjoy it. A career is usually in a field that interests the person, so the work is generally more desirable than in a typical job.

Personal dedication is not there in a normal fast food job. A person works enough to keep his bosses happy for the day and goes home feeling little real contribution toward society, whereas in a career they will feel like they accomplished something. Switching between several different jobs in the span of a few years is common for teenagers in part time work, but in a career a person will generally hold the position for several years.

While not the most desirable work, jobs do provide a source of income for a person. The amount the job pays depends on the type of work done. Fast food jobs usually start at minimum wage, and pay raises can be achieved sometimes through work hard and holding the job for an extended period of time. Minimum wage is enough to survive on,