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The word interview comes from Latin and Middle French words meaning to "see between"�or to "see each other."� Interviews occur whenever two people meet to converse, both in work and non-work situations. An employment interview involves the interviewer's goal of selection someone who matches the employers work needs and who will fit effectively into the organization.

Nothing can hurt the candidate more than knowing little about the organization. No knowledge probably indicates no sincerity, and the interviewer doesn't want to waste precious interview time providing the candidate with information that should have been gathered before the interview. When you know something about the company, you will also know something about the kinds of jobs or training programs they have to offer. The next thing is to assess your own abilities by comparing the company the job characteristics with your qualifications.

An employment interviewer often feels that if the job applicant does not meet the extremities test, the interview might as well not take place.

The applicant's fingernails should be clean and neat, shoes shined, or at least clean, and hair clean and well groomed. If the applicant does not take care of these items, the applicant could not really be serious about, or fit into, the organization.

As the job applicant, you cannot be prepared for everything, but you must be adequately groomed and neatly dressed on the conversation side. If you must, borrow clothes from a friend. Men should wear a dress shirt, nice slacks, dress shoes, a tie and sports coat. a suite is also acceptable. Women should wear a dress or skirt and jacket and stockings (do not wear casual sandals). The far-out jewelry, heavy makeup, cologne or perfume, high heels, and informal or "trendy"� clothes should be left at home.

The company dress code should be...