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Have you ever wondered why some of your fellow managers are always hiring the right person, while you are always interviewing because the person you just hired did not work out. What does the successful manager do differently than you? What can you do to improve your success rate when it comes to hiring the right person? Most managers do not have a plan for hiring a new employee or a method for preparing to interview a prospective job applicant. So with out a plan lots of managers can't make the right decision and often end up hiring people for all the wrong reasons.

This paper will give some tips for interviewing a prospective employee, give some good questions to ask someone you are interviewing. Cover questions you should not ask someone you are interviewing. There are a few good basic things you can do that will improve your chances of hiring the right person.

The first and most important is to be organized, if you are organized it will show in the interview and its effectiveness. Review the job description, and job skills needed. If you don't know exactly what the desired job skills and behaviors are, you won't have the right information to prepare your interview questions.

First and foremost, you want to be sure that the applicant meets the basic and specific requirements of the job. Pre-screen all job applicants by asking certain questions over the phone that can automatically eliminate some applicants, an example might be to probe their availability for overtime or weekend work. If you can weed out some of the applicants over the phone it means you can spent more time with the applicants you bring in for and interview.

A good interview depends upon good...