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Presentation Paper 2I chose to do an informative PowerPoint presentation on the process of a job interview for my final project in XCOM 100 Introduction to Communications. The reason I chose an informative presentation rather than a persuasive presentation is because I have been on plenty of job interviews in my 23 years of life and I can honestly say that before this course I did not have a clue what I was doing. I would go into an interview confident at first but start to break down once the questions started flowing because I was unprepared and nervous. I think many people can relate with me on that. This is why I believe it is important for college graduates seeking a job to have as much information about job interviewing as possible so they can succeed. Although, jobs are all different and unique in their own ways; I feel that an individual should treat every interview as professional as the next.

Traditionally job interviews are one-on-one and involve interpersonal communication. "Interpersonal communication is a special form of human communication that occurs when two people interact simultaneously and attempt to mutually influence each other, usually for the purpose of managing relationships." (Chapter 1.1 Foundations of Human Communication) But times have changed as well as with advances in technology, and people may be asked to participate in group or team activities as part of the interview process. A group is known as a collection of people who share common goals and feel they belong in the group and influence each other. A team is known as a coordinated group of people who intentionally organize to work together to achieve a specific goal. Regardless of the type of job interview, organizational communication may have an impact on the interview process.

Organizational communication...