Job Redesign and Workplace

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IntroductionThe purpose of this paper is to identify the current state of BH Electronics Inc. and how the company motivates employees. This paper will address the goal-setting, performance evaluation, and workplace rewards that are affecting the production floor both positively and negatively. Company wide rewards will be examined as well as the 401k plan and if it is effective or non-effective for motivating behavior in the work environment. This essay will focus on the job of the production coach for assemblers in an electronics manufacturing firm. The major components, tasks, and responsibilities of this position and how the coach is also responsible for coordinating working relations and communication with the team members, as well as safety issues within her team and work environment.

Production CoachAs a production coach many different roles must be assumed. The first responsibility for a production coach is to facilitate and coordinate production activities and resources per established practices and or policies within their job area to ensure the timely delivery of quality parts that meet or exceed customer expectations while keeping safety first.

The production coach also establishes and maintains a positive employee relations environment by adherence to BH Electronics Inc. values, ethics and philosophies. They must clearly understand and ensure that team members are aware of the quality objectives and the importance of these policies in order to keep the company successful. The production coach also must clearly communicate expectations and consistently hold self and employees accountable for performance.

This job does allow for self-management as the coach is able to make decisions for her team within the realm of the company's policies. She is also able to make the choices of who is responsible for different parts of the production build. Intrinsic motivation is definitely a big part of this job. Being able...