Job Redesign and Wrokplace Rewards

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Job Redesign Paper

University of Phoenix

Bret L. Buike

PSY 320

Jobs Redesign Paper

My workplace is a car dealership. It is a family owned franchise and we currently have seven locations across Ohio and Pennsylvania. The main purpose of our dealerships is to provide financing for people who otherwise may not be able to attain it. We do this in such a way that we can help to build or reestablish credit for people by using our own bank to finance the loans and report to all major credit bureaus. We provide excellent customer service before during and after the sale. We back every used car with a 36 month 36,000 mile service contract too. Each of our dealerships is set up with a service, finance and sales department. The General Manger of our locations is in charge of all departments and works closely with the office manager to manage the finances and daily operation of the dealership.

In our business the level of self management and choice is very high. Employees are all expected to self manage, especially in the sales and finance departments. They are very much related as people who are self employed. They are in control of how much they can make and how hard they want to and need to work. The company has guidelines and minimum levels of productivity that are set but we pride ourselves in employees who go above and beyond in order to improve their lives and the operation of the dealership. We provide all of our employees with our daily and monthly financials and explain to them how they can impact what we do. They take great pride in being some of the best stores in the country and this supplies them with intrinsic motivation. They are rewarded...