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In May 1998, Ahmed has graduated from Kuwait University with a bachelor degree in finance; then in August 2001, he obtained his Master's Degree from the University of Los Angeles, in Business Administration.

In November 2001, Ahmed joined A'ayan Leasing & Investment Company as an Investment Officer. At that time, A'ayan was experiencing enormous growth in its business due to the booming of the Islamic Financial Market.

Brief overview of A'ayan.

A'ayan Leasing & Investment Co. has been established as an Islamic company, by a significant prime of both sectors (public and private) establishments as a nucleus of joint and fruitful co-operation between both sectors. These shareholders merged to form a significant form of experience and expertise to offer all new products and services such as, consumer and corporate finance, real-estate financing, and wide range of investment activities, in particular to the Kuwaiti, and to the Arabian Gulf Market in general.

The shareholders subscribed to a capital of KD 20 million (equivalent to US$ 60 million), paid in full. Hence, A'ayan Leasing and Investment Co. are considered as the first specialized company in the field of the various types and forms of lease in the region. A'ayan Leasing and Investment Co. adopts and develops all new and noteworthy products to satisfy customers. Its vision is clear and rightful in a strategic frame, which aims at its customers' participation and service. The company's obligation is very strict to develop lease services as well as investment.

Ahmad's Case in A'ayan:

When Ahmed joined A'ayan, he was hired as an Investment Officer. Ahmed responsibilities ranged from direct investments projects, to asset management tasks, such as: merger and acquisition analysis, structuring different kind of portfolios and funds, and companies evaluation.

The Investment Department of A'ayan has one Manager, Abdullah; He is the direct...