Job Satisfaction

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Job Satisfaction

Jeff Henderson

University of Phoenix

PSY 428 - Organizational Psychology

Elliott Harris, Ph.D.

June 19, 2007



In psychology, motivation refers to the initiation, direction, intensity and persistence of behavior (Geen, 1995). Motivation should not be confused with personality or emotion: being motivated is possessing the desire and willingness to do something.


Job Satisfaction

What is my definition of motivation? I define motivation as being influenced, or possessing the desire, to accomplish a task or goal. I achieve motivation through accomplishment and difficulty of a task. In short, I motivate myself by taking on a difficult task that not many others are willing to do.

I was not always the person to raise my hand and volunteer when nobody else would. I am one of thousands of people in this country that enlisted in the Army when I was in high school.

I was always the person whom did the least that I was required to do; my report card was filled with C's and D's and my attendance was just above the requirement. When I was in high school three things motivated me: sports, girls, and weekends. My motivation encountered a drastic change on July 8, 2003; my first day of basic training. From that day on I knew my whole outlook on life would change.

After being in the Army for four years I have learned many different ways to motivate myself as well as others. One major occurrence I despise occurs when someone starts a duty or task and does not complete it. Now I know that not everything can be completed in a day's work, but the number of times I have seen people, men and women in the civilian world, not take an extra 30...