Job Satisfaction and Teachers

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Job Satisfaction and Teachers


Job Satisfaction and Teachers


One of the most significant feelings of an employee in the workplace is that they are satisfied with their work. Job satisfaction is important for every employee regardless of their field. Job Satisfaction may be defined as the feeling of contentment an employee ahs while he/she is at work.. in simpler words it can be said that when an employee is satisfied with his job it may be called job satisfaction.

The main factors of job satisfaction are mostly occupational achievement and personal satisfaction, self-assurance, sense of importance, and personal growth. The most apparent results of job satisfaction is a pleasant emotional state this result in a good performance by the employee. Recently professions like teaching have to face a lot of job dissatisfaction.

Considering the above given definition, job satisfaction in teachers will be analysed.

The paper shall analyze all the possible factors which have caused teachers to feel unsatisfied with their work.


Jobs satisfaction is something important in every felid of work. However for teachers it holds a lot of importance because they have the important job of imparting education to youth. But nowadays teachers do not seem to be satisfied with their jobs. There are many factors which have cause hem to feel so unsatisfied.

This job dissatisfaction leads to shortage of teacher especially in countries like US. According to Mau etal (2008) the only way to tackle the teacher shortage issue is to identify people's ability who are looking for teaching careers, and study their perseverance and job satisfaction with their selected career.

Even Teachers will become an unsatisfied class of professionals; they too will start to look for better opportunities. Whilst job...