Job satisfaction versus income

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How easy is it for smaller business men to achieve the American dream? How does one stop corporate domination? Is the American Dream still achievable? The American Policy Institute (API) has released its findings on American living standards. The report, issued every other year on a decline that began in late-1970. The API's report also contends that Americans are working more for less money because of slow growth in wages since 1989. Critics assert that the report doesn't take into account those that are working for job satisfaction as opposed to income. The Edward Jones firm fosters an environment that garners job satisfaction versus income. The bonus, because of their happiness employees of Edward Jones still earns a good living.


Edward Jones firm began to grow after World War II under Edward D. Jones Sr. the firm, which offers brokerage, insurance and financial planning, blossomed when his son, Ted Jones, positioned the firm in the 1970s as just plain folks bringing Wall Street to Main Street.

Their value system starts with how they view their relationship with their associates, as a long-term partnership that appreciates with time. They focus on commitment, diversity in the workplace and effective communication this has enabled them to grow to more than 9,000 branches in the US, and abroad. Their goal is to open 10,000 offices in the near future. That means if you're looking for a new career Edward Jones wouldn't be a bad place to start.

"At so many companies you have to be willing to transfer to move up. Edward Jones, in essence, rewards you for staying put," said Butters, an investment adviser in Petaluma. This is one of many reasons why Edward Jones was named the best company in America to work for by Fortune Magazine. Employees are...