What jobs are available in the Aerodynamics world?

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Career Research

Out of the many jobs that come out of the subject of Aerodynamics, I have chosen a select few to present.

The first one I chose to talk about is Chief Pilot (Jet Fleet). Assigns and supervises the duties of flight and ground personnel. They manage the overall operation of the aviation department. They need to possess current airline transport certificate with necessary type ratings. This job requires 5,000 hours minimum of flight experience and 1,500 hours of pilot-in-command. The Chief Pilot of a Jet Fleet has a beginning low salary of $96,276 per year. The median of their salary is $107,977 per year. Finally, the upper half of all Chief Pilots make approximately $121,169 per year. The salary figures for this are based on a National Average. Chief Pilots in Sacramento, California make approximately $8,000 more than that per year in each separate portion of salaries.

The second Career I chose to explain is an Engineer V.

A level V engineer provides expert consultation in one or more areas for the design, development and performance of technical products and systems. Engineers are responsible for all inside activities and product growth. The job requires a minimum of a bachelor's degree in engineering and may be expected to have a related master's degree with at least 10 years of connected experience. An Engineer V makes approximately $91,500 per year based on the lowest starting salaries. The salary of an average Engineer V makes approximately $98,453 each year. The highest average salary of an Engineer is approximately $109,324 per year. The down side to this career is the fact that you need a lot of experience to get to this position, it is definitely not called a easy, money making job.

The third career I am choosing to explain is...