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William words worth and john donne both poets has written love poems. They both are love poets. But the theme of their love poems is not same. words worth has written his poem about love and this love for nature. On the other hand donne has written about love which is indicating human love specially physical love.

-donne--donne's love is truly remarkable. He has written about physical and holy love. His poems are sensuous. He has a greater sense of beauty which he produce his love poem. He interprets love in his poem in different way.

Love is not subject to change on account of the passage of time and difference in environment:

Love is all alike, no season knows nor clime...

There is a glory of love in sun rising:

She is all states and all princes I

Nothing else is...

Donne interpret love intellectually.exp--sun rising. Here love is defining different way.

Here his love concern in bed and he says the sun to give its light in his bed.

In flea the lover seeks to kill the flea, which has bitten him, but on second thoughts forbears because it has also bitten the beloved and has brought about the union of lovers in its body. The lover's think that killing the flea will amount to a triple murder. Donne is a 1st poem that provides this kind of love, which is interpreting by intellectual way.

Also we fine donnes attitude towards women. In song here his thought is that there is a rare women who is true and fair.

All these early poems emphasize about physical love.

Love and death is brought together in his religious poems because they release man from human limitations and inhibitions. Death will open a way to the infinitude of love, which is...