Johann Sebastian Bach: This details his life and studies from his brith to his death. Also includes famous works of his.

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Johann Sebastian Bach was born on March 21, 1685 in Eisenach. His father, Ambrosius Bach, was a town and court musician. As a child, Johann attended Eisenach's Latin school. At the age of ten, he became an orphan after the death of his mother and father. He was then sent to be raised by his older brother Johann Christoph Bach.

Johann studied at the Kloster school from 1695-1700, a school that emphasized the Lutheran version of the Holy Scripture. He squeezed in a six-year course of theology into four years, and began studying five hours of music per week. His mentor at this time was his brother. His brother was an organist at that time. His brother might have sparked Johann's interest in preparing fugue's and masses. A fugue is a complex piece where lines of music are added until it is complete.

At the age of fifteen, Johann Sebastian Bach traveled to Luneburg and attended the Michael school.

His duties were to sing in the church choir on Sundays plus for weddings, funerals, and festive occasions. In return, the school provided him with tuition, room, board, and a small allowance. He was only able to keep this arrangement as long as his singing voice remained a "treble." After his voice changed to a deeper tone, he was able to play in the orchestra and accompanied the choir on the harpsichord for a while before quitting as a student.

After he finished his schooling at Michael school, he focused on Luneburg's cultural knowledge. The city itself offered several advantages for him. First of all, the great German composers of the day, namely Ernst, Bohm, and Reincken were present. Bach studied under Reincken until his mentor's death at ninety-nine years of age. Bach then began studying the vast musical libraries of...