John Browns raid on Harpers Ferry, from view of confederate spy logbook

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Agent 7

By: Blake S.

October 16,1858-I just received all the information about my mission to spy on John Brown. Brown's plan was to establish a base in the Blue Ridge Mountains were they would assist slaves and attack slaveholders. He had the men and the money to proceed but one of Brown's followers told about the plan, witch is why I'm here. Brown was forced into hiding so my orders are to find him and track his every move so that the Confederate army can stop him.

January 30,1859-Through months of research I found that Brown was born in Torrington, Connecticut, in 1800, he settled in over four states, he fathered twenty children. Brown filled for bankruptcy in his early forties. He was even stupid enough to give land to fugitive slaves. In 1851 he established the league of Gileadites, witch makes me mad because runaway slaves should be severely punished.

February 2,1859-Grounhog Day-Today I saw Brown, waiting in the park with hundreds of other people to see the groundhog. As I got closer for a better look at him I herd him say, to an elderly man, that he was going to go ahead with his plan in October.

August 19,1859-After six months of no commotion Brown met with Fredrick Douglas and told him he intended to attack the federal arsenal instead of guerilla warfare from the mountains. Douglas said "you're walking into a perfect steel trap and you'll never get out alive."( Witch will be true as soon as I get this to the Confederate government.

October 16,1859-John Brown just led twenty-one men across the Potomac River in the middle of the night to Harpers Ferry. Many men he lined up the year before backed out so he had a small army. They walked...