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I. Calvin's LifeA.Born in Picardy in 1509, was the son of a lawyer.

B.Went to the University of Paris in 1523 to study theology.

C.In 1528 Calvin went on to study law to please his father.

D.In 1531 Calvin's father died, he resumed his religious studies.

E.1551-1553 Calvin started to criticize the French Catholic Church and proclaimed that he was gods chosen instrument in the spiritual regeneration of the world.

F.1553 Calvin fled Paris and for three years roamed France, Italy, and Switzerland.

G.The first edition of Institutes of the Christian religion was published in 1536, it was revise numerous times and the final version was published in 1559. Was initially written to teach young Christians about the Christian faith.

H.Institutes began as only one book with six chapters, went on to be four complete books.

II. Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book IA.Wisdom lies in knowing God and in knowing ones self.

Knowledge is the most important element of this entire book and is how the book starts off.

B.Knowledge is a gift to man from God and to use it to question god's existence is to betray our knowledge and God.

C.True creativity and devotion can only be brought about by faithful reflection.

D.Calvin believed that the only way man could come to know God was to diligently study scripture.

E.The word of scripture is intrinsic with the word of God, but not identical with it.

F.The same spirit speaks to us who spoke to the profits.

G.Once a man looks outside of the scripture to find God he has fallen off track.

H.The Roman Church worships idols, images do not represent the character of God in any way. They are useless and distract holy men from finding God. The trinity is one God. There is no...