John F. Kennedy

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John F. Kennedy stresses the importance of education, another other topics, in various speeches to the youth of America before and during his presidency. Kennedy inspired many people, especially youths, during his speeches as president to help shape our country?s strength (in unity).

John F. Kennedy Talks to Young People, by Nicholas Schneider and Nathalie S. Rockhill, composed this book of various speeches made by John F. Kennedy while he was senator and when he served as president in the 1960?s. The speeches were given in the United States at different locations. Schneider and Rockhill felt the need to write this biography on Kennedy because when he was assassinated, there was a sense of loss in the youth of America. Publishing a book on various important speeches given by Kennedy, the authors hoped to accomplish a sense of inspiration to the youth of today, like the youth of our parents had been inspired.

Many youths, and adults as well, were inspired and liked by Kennedy because of his youthfulness and dedication to fulfilling the American dream to all people.

Talking about education was his top priority to the young people, so he spent a great deal of time stressing the importance about it, especially at colleges throughout America. Kennedy became an inspiration to America?s youth his speeches influenced them profoundly. He influences the youth of America to continue their education, participate in the government, joining the Peace Corps and armed forces, taking care of their physical fitness, the true meaning of Civil Rights, conservation of land, religion, among many other topics.

John F. Kennedy had a vision of an America where the youths would be educated people, where people would participate in government activities, join the Peace Corps and armed forces so that they could become better people, and his...