John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

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John f Kennedy died a great man; John had a much fulfilled life.

'Jack' as he was known to family and friends would live his father's dream. As children, all 8 of his brothers and sisters were required to study current affairs though-out the day and forced to recall the day's information through dinner in the hope that at least one of his many children would become political leaders.

Jack grew up in a wealthy family who had many advantages in life over the lower and middle class sociality, such as the best medical and dental care and schooling.

Christianity was the family's religion and Joseph and rose were strong believers in god and passed their faith onto their children. Jack went on to become the first catholic American president.

Jack was a very sick child, and was continually missing school and rushed off to hospital for many different sicknesses, and was kept behind a lot.

But he went on to university at Harvard a year behind his mates.

In 1938 jack's father was appointed ambassador for Great Britain and jack became Joe's unofficial researcher. Through the great depression jack wrote a book named 'While Britain Slept' that gave a valuable background on how to be a president.

In 1941, Jack was fascinated to join the navy and serve in the war but jack knew his back would get in the way of him passing the medical tests required to join the navy and began a program to strengthen his back. After many months as a patrol torpedo boat commander jack went on to command his own boat the PT 109 that just survived being bombed by the Japanese in July 1943. But jack saved most of his crew but unfortunately lost 2 of his crew members, stranded...