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John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born in Brookline on May the 29th, 1917. His grandparents were Irish immigrants. His father at the age of 25, after Harvard, became the youngest bank president in the United States.

He was a great investor and he made a fortune. In 1914 Joe Kennedy married Rose Fitzgerald, the daughter of John Fitzgerald, a politician from Boston.

Young Jack Kennedy (it means John Fitzgerald Kennedy) was the second child in that family. He was a sickly kid but fun loving. Despite of his illnesses, Jack liked to compete in sports. In 1935 he graduated from an exclusive school in Connecticut.

At the end of 1930's his father became the United States Ambassador to England. In his early days as an ambassador, Joe Kennedy and his charming young family took England by storm, becoming enormously popular. However, after the outbreak of the Second World War, Ambassador Kennedy sent his family home to escape the bombing in London.

In 1941, at the age of 24, after previous rejections due to health problems, Jack Kennedy was sworn in the Navy. His influential father had helped both Jack and his elder brother Joe to get in the Navy. Joe Kennedy started his job in The Office of Naval Intelligence in Washington. He was there during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, on December the 7th, 1941. Then he was sent to a desk job in South Carolina, possibly due to a romantic relationship with

a Danish woman, Inga Arvad.

One year later, he stayed on the Solomon Islands. The young man used to a life of luxury, had to live in primitive conditions. Jack spent a total of nine months in the South Pacific.

He returned to the United States, then he underwent surgery for his back problems. On...