John Grey's "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus."

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Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,written by John Grey, brings up the idea that men and women are from separate planets and speak different languages. He explains that men and women are so different they often misinterpret what the other means to say. A Martian/Venusian phrase translator is included in his book; it translates common phrases into the languages of the opposite sexes. I believe that misunderstanding may be a common mistake in relationships today, but Grey's view is extreme. I also think that most people know, or at least have an idea about problems in their own relationships when they communicate. It is the people that don't talk in relationships that struggle.

Grey explains how men have caves that they go to when they needs to think or solve problems; whereas, women talk about their problems to gain emotional support.. I think that women are just as likely to have caves, and many men can be caring and sensitive.

A few weeks ago a relationship that I was in for three years ended. When we were first together we were happy and in love. We moved in with each other after I graduated high school, and things were alright for a while. First came the fights, then the constant arguing. After a while I got sick of always fighting , and we stopped talking for the most part. When I had a problem, I wouldn't go to him anymore. I usually went driving. My car was my cave; I'd drive around, sometimes for hours, to think things through. I liked knowing how I really felt, without anyone else's opinions, before I talked about it.

Maybe I have always been more likely to go into a cave because I have always been somewhat of a tomboy.