John Keates - "Ode to Autumn" - "Ode to Autumn" is a typical example of romantic poetry is which a "oneness with nature" is revealed through sensuous images. Do you agree?

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"Ode to Autumn" does convey a "oneness with nature" through sensuous images and techniques. Alliteration, personification, imagery, similes, rhetorical questions, enjambment and positive connotations contained in this poem are all techniques that add to this idea.

The alliteration in the line "mists and mellow" adds to the calming imagery represented in this poem. It creates a soft and somewhat tranquil tone. Another example of alliteration is "winnowing wind". This example also creates a melodious and peaceful timbre, which emphasises the closeness and the love that the persona is having with nature in this poem. This links to the imagery that John Keates uses.

The visual and tactile imagery in this poem is very intimate and creates a very relaxed tone. "Thy hair soft-lifted by the winnowing wind" is an example of this visual imagery which sets the scene of this poem while also emphasising the gentle nature of this composition through descriptive words such as "soft-lifted" which gives the poem a calm tone while emphasising and describing the personas ideas of nature.

This line can also be classed as personification as the persona is describing Autumn as a woman. This can also set a more intimate scene and can represent the persona's closeness with nature. It emphasises his point of view that nature really is beautiful. "Close blossom-friend of the maturing sun" is another example of personification which emphasises how the persona may feel intimately connected to Autumn. This line is describing how Autumn and the sun are intimately connected.

Rhetorical questions are used throughout this poem. For instance "Where are the songs of spring? Where are they?". This lines shows the personas view that you do not need Spring for nature to be beautiful and that Autumn may be just as good if not better as...