John Keats: Romanticism

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British Literature

10 December 2013

John Keats' Perception on Nature Comment by kmaloney: This should be "of"

John Keats' poetry is perceived as analytical to his readers because he portrays "nature" differently aside from other authors. Until Keats' death, he was known for incorporating his own experiences with nature and his personal feelings which many poets rejected. However, Keats' sensibility on how he perceived the outside world depicts both the inner and outer affects of nature both negatively and positively. It is known today that Keats suffered from a mental illness which may have had an impact on some of his poetry. Therefore, Keats' physical, mental and spiritual state of mind influenced how he perceived his surroundings through nature which is portrayed throughout his poetry. John Keats' life experiences, surroundings, and judgment from others affect his idea of nature in his poems.

Comment by kmaloney: I'm not sure what you mean by this. Perceived as analytical? Comment by kmaloney: This doesn't need to be in quotes Comment by kmaloney: add "on his life" at the end to make this sentence make sense as it's written Comment by kmaloney: Read this sentence aloud. "Perceived his surroundings through nature" is wordy and confusing Comment by kmaloney: "portray" and "perceive" are used a lot in this paragraph... Comment by kmaloney: RQ & Thesis: 4.5/5 Really good, but I think "idea of nature" could be more specific.

John "Keats belonged to a literary movement called Romanticism. Romantic poets, because of their theories of literature and life, were drawn to lyric poetry" ("John Keats: Keats and Romanticism"). Many poets like Keats himself write poetry based on the "nature" of life and its impact on an individual. At the age of 18, Keats was introduced to...